Management platform


From a secure website, you manage the information related to your personnel, your vehicles, your equipment,... You get a detailed and real-time view of your activities.

Specificities of the management platform

Custom reports

With just a few clicks, get detailed activity reports


At any time, you have an overview of the people active in your workplaces


Visualize, on a single map, the location of your teams, vehicles and equipment

Instant assignment

Dispatch interventions to your employees based on their planning and location

Planning and assignment

Assign new tasks directly to your staff and get an overview of the schedules

Knowledge transfer

Give short trainings to your staff, or documents related to each task


Receive alerts thanks to wireless sensors placed on your equipments, your accesses or your vehicles


Create an online library of procedures, training, or documents that you can link directly to each task and pass it on to your staff


Click the «CONNECTION» button located in the menu to connect to the management site


Enter your credentials. Not registered yet? When purchasing your product, you will receive a "CodePack" to link your data to the management site


Freely access information about your staff, vehicles or equipment, exchange with your field staff and optimize your productivity

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