Management of staff activities

Our solutions allow you to facilitate and automate the management of your fixed and mobile teams.

Thanks to our systems, your employees quickly visualize their tasks and you can follow in real time the progress of their activities, their movements and equipment used.

  • Tasks dispatching according to staff workload and planning management

  • Simplification of inventories by monitoring the use of equipment

  • Geolocation in real time of personnel, equipment and vehicles used

  • Automatic creation of tasks by depressing a trigger button or by moving a sensor

  • Follow-up and history of personnel presence at your workplaces

  • Transfer of information about places and equipment used by your employees

Our systems

Use our solutions independently or interconnected according to your needs

  • ZoneLock


    Equipment monitoring sensors

    • Movement alerts
    • Monitoring the use of equipment and vehicles
    • Automatic task creation
  • MobiTime One

    Mobitime One

    Mobile application tracking

    • Planning and tasks details
    • Reporting of issues
    • GPS positioning
    • Instant chat
    • Technical informations
    More infos

No installation required
each system is directly connected to our servers

Remote monitoring

Access your employees' information from a dedicated website and get a clear, centralized view of their activities

Dui Global Platform
Custom reports

Custom reports

Complete, in a few clicks, detailed activity reports

Planning and assignment

Planning and assignment

Assign immediately new tasks to your staff and get an overview of the schedules



Visualize, on the same map, the location of your teams, vehicles and equipment

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer

Provide your staff with short trainings or documents related to each task

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