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  • Fully automated systems

  • Centralization of data on a single management site

  • Combined and interconnected solutions

  • Very simple installation and use

Discover the basic features offered by Dui Global

  • Planning of interventions

    An interventions planning management makes it possible to optimize the organization of the tasks (to be carried out, in progress and completed) for all staff members.

  • Equipment security

    The system continuously detects whether an equipment is present in a specified area, if it is lifted from its location, or if a secured access has been opened.

  • Presence registration

    Various registration methods let you know at any time who is present at your workplace and what activities are ongoing. Tasks can be easily assigned based on the location and workload of the employees.

  • Procedures management

    Assistance in carrying out tasks through procedures and best practices allows better management of safety and quality of work : procedures, access plan, user manual, etc.

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Solutions tailored to many sectors

Dui Global helps companies in many sectors to get an overview of the operations carried out by their teams, either by securing and monitoring their equipment, optimizing their maintenance processes, or managing tasks of their staff.

  • Construction

  • Services to personnel

  • Misc. industries

  • Services to companies

  • Urban management

  • Technical departments

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Legal obligation to register attendance

They trust us

The system offers different choices of registration methods and is easy to use by the personnel. Installation of the system requires only a mains socket!

Charleroi slaughterhouse

What we like is simplicity of use!